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With our Bear Care packages, you never have to worry about plugin updates or spend time battling your WordPress website again.

A company website is a business asset so they need to be looked after and maintained. But, we know that you’d probably rather being doing something else; so, join us where it’s as warm and fuzzy as a bear’s underbelly and let us look after your WordPress website.

As we are specialists in WordPress with oodles of experience, we’re in the best position to take care of your website needs . We offer Bear Care packages to help do just that and support you, as a business owner.

What maintenance help are you looking for?

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Bear Care Value Package

Smart budget website maintenance without the bells and whistles

With this support package we’ll maintain updates to the software (core and plugins) on a monthly basis, to make sure you are running the latest versions. We’ll also check through the site for errors. If there is something broken (and it’s not a 5 minute fix) we’ll roll it back to a working version to minimise downtime, and get in touch to discuss options.

Because we handle a lot of website updates, we tend to know if advance of plugins or updates which are likely to cause problems so we can plan in advance, if this is the case.

£20 per month (billed monthly, quarterly or annually)

Bear Care Standard Package

Smart website maintenance and monitoring

We’ll take out all the stress and worry away but looking after your website plugin updates, software patches and security monitoring – acting swiftly to threats or plugin security risks.

Should the site go down during the updates, or at any other time, we’ll provide 15 minutes of fix time to get you back up and running again. If it’s not fixable within that time, we will roll it back to a previous working version and let you know what the options are.

We also offer, included in the price, broken link monitoring, comment moderation, Google webmaster tools monitoring, and ‘up-time’ monitoring so we’re first to know if your site goes down or there are indexing issues.

£40 per month (billed monthly, quarterly or annually)

If you’re looking for a package with development/amends time included, the Bear Care Amends Package is the one for you!
(if you’re unsure what is classed as an amendment, click here)

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Bear Care Amends Package

Smart website maintenance with off-site backups and regular website amends

If you want all the benefits of our Bear Care Standard Package and you need help updating your website regularly, too, then this package is for you.

As well as everything in our standard package, this package also allows 30 minutes of fixes or changes to your website per month on a non-rolling basis. This is ideal for someone who often adds new content like blogs, case studies, or portfolios to their website, and it works out cheaper than our Pay As You Go (PAYG) option for edits.

We’ll also take regular off-site back ups for you and store them securely in case you need them.

£55 per month (billed monthly, quarterly or annually)

Do you need more amend time? then check out the  Bear Care Premium Package

(if you’re unsure what is classed as an amendment, click here)

Bear Care Premium Package

Smart website maintenance and monitoring with even more edits!

All the benefits of Smart Bear Care Standard and Amends Packages but with 60 minutes worth of amends and support instead of 30 minutes (on a non-rolling basis) – perfect for those who have a lot to amend on the website in a month but are time short.

£65 per month (billed monthly, quarterly or annually)

If you’re not sure which package is for you, get in touch for a free consultation.

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What is classed as an edit?

What is or isn’t included with the package. We don’t want there to be any confusion so we’ve made a reference guide.

Get in touch to discuss Smart Bear Care!

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