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Getting Started

with WordPress

Bespoke Beginners Training

Build your own business website from the ground up using WordPress

With expert face to face help every step of the way

In a world full of video tutorials where it’s easy to get lost or just not have YOUR questions answered, we’re offering the chance for you to learn how to build your own business website or blog in a practical one to one environment. We realise everybody’s skill-set and learning ability is different and so we offer bespoke training sessions for individuals or teams.

Why choose WordPress for your website?

WordPress is a content management system which means it can be used for a basic blog or a professional business website.
The greatest thing about WordPress is available for anyone to use and develop (called ‘Open Source Software’), and has been built with non-technical people in mind. Unlike other platforms like Drupal, Joomla or Magento, it is very user-friendly which means that you can build, edit and manage your own website.

Learn about WordPress

On our sessions, you can chose what you want to learn. We can look at the best hosting options, how to install, choosing a theme, adding content – or migrating content if you have been using the free WordPress platform or a different service – developing it further, optimising it for search engines and keeping it safe from hacking.

Beginner WordPress Subjects

We’ll write a bespoke session for you but here are some of the ‘beginner’ subjects you might want to consider:

  • Introduction – The Benefits of WordPress
  • Hosting options – Understanding technical jargon
  • Installation – Simple steps to installing the software
  • The Dashboard – How to navigate around WordPress
  • Customisation – How to use Themes, Widgets and Plugins
  • Adding Content – How to create content of transfer content into your new website
  • Development – How to enhance your WordPress skills
  • Search Engine Optimisation – How to optimise your website for Google
  • Security – How to keep your website and data secure
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