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Training Workshops For All Your Digital Needs


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Search Engine Optimisation Workshops and Training

SEO Fundamentals for small businesses

Small Business SEO Fundamentals Training Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of SEO and take back control of your own small business website ranking.

This workshop is aimed at small and micro businesses who want to learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to implement them on their business website. We’re WordPress experts but these fundamentals can be applied to most website platforms.

You will learn

  • How Search Engines crawl and index websites
  • Search engine results and how to use them
  • Technical SEO aspects
  • On page SEO aspects
  • Local SEO aspects
  • How Social Interaction can help your ranking
  • Tools and resources to use to increase your optimisation

Social Media Workshops and Training

Instagram: Getting better customer engagement workshop

Instagram: Getting better customer engagement workshop

This workshop will look specifically at Instagram and how you can use it for your small business to get more engagement from your customers.

You know that as a small business that you need to be using social media. But how many of us are actually comfortable with how to use it?

You’ll be working in a small group, so will get the benefit of other business owners and their input too. But this is not just about the theory, you’ll also get time to play around!

By the end of the session, you will have

  • Looked at if Instagram is right for your business
  • Checked your profile is giving the right impression
  • Know how to use Facebook to post to Instagram
  • Learned about how to find hashtags
  • Found out the best times to post for your audience
  • Planned some content
  • Created a story
  • Discussed some of the trends for 2020
  • Had some fun!

This is aimed at people who have used Instagram but are not so comfortable with it.

You will need to bring a pen and notepad, a charged phone and laptop and be ready to take some pictures and perhaps create an infographic or two.

WordPress Website Workshops and Training

One to One Bespoke Training Sessions from £60 per hour

Learnt what you need to know about your website to manage it successfully without bespoke training sessions. You set the agenda and the length of the training session.

Marketing Workshops and Training

Branding your small business using Canva

Branding your small business using Canva Workshop

Learn some basic design skills and how to use Canva for consistent branding across your business.

Some people have a real love/hate relationship with design, but for small businesses it’s not always feasible to hire a graphic designer. We recommend using Canva to our clients as a free tool that you can use to create some stunning infographics.
But what if you’re not confident with it? We’re here to help!

Over two hours you’ll learn some basic design principles and how to use Canva to create stunning images for use across all your business.

This course is for you if you

  • Have to create infographics for your business
  • You’re not confident with the design process
  • You love working in a group
  • You’re a sole trader on a restricted budget

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Student Feedback

  • “I recently attended the SEO Fundamentals course at The Smart Bear. Suzi is so knowledgeable when it comes to SEO, I don’t know where she fits all that information in her head. I had lots to take away with me and think about. I feel I can make a plan of how to go forward and I know what I’m doing right and what I need to improve on.” 
    Becky, COS Bookkeeping

  • “Our social media training session with Sarah was brilliant – really enjoyed it, we all learnt a lot and we feel much more confident with our social media now. Sarah definitely knows her stuff and I would definitely recommend her” 
    Matt, Leech and Co

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