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On a budget? We can still help support
you and your business website

Options for those micro businesses, entrepreneurs and charities on smaller budgets

If you’re on a tight budget, our website design packages might not be the right fit for you right now but you may still want professional help to get your website up and live.
The good news is, we provide a range of options that are budget friendly for those who are just getting started, want to learn more skills or who just want to save some money – we can even help with Do It Yourself websites!

Our options range from a planning guide to help you prepare to build your website, mentoring help to motivate you and give you professional advice along the way – sharing our expertise, and pre-paid or PAYG help if you are making a DIY website – keep us on hand just in case you get stuck or need help with tricky parts. Read on to learn more about each option.

Which help option are you looking for?

Do you know what goes into a great website?

There’s a lot more planning and building a website than you might think…

Image of an iceberg with the different parts of a website. Above, the part the website visitors see is things like graphics, logo, imagery, video, content and calls to actions as well as branding, layout etc. 
Below, behind the scenes, is the tech stuff like accessibility, SEO, content strategy, best practices, web standards, design trends, performance and responsiveness as well as framework.

A good looking website isn’t necessarily going to convert to website sales or lead generation – or rank well with Google.
And so, to help you get the very best website whether you’re employing a developer to help you or building your own website, we’ve created a planning guide to help you.
Or, we can help you and we have a range of options for that, too.

Website planning from concept to launch book

Website Planning from Concept to Launch Book: A planner-guide for small business and charities

Are you building a website for the first time but don’t know where to start? Are you doing it yourself to save money? Or perhaps you want to rebuild your current website because it’s not performing but you don’t really know why?

Maybe you’re hiring someone to build it for you and you have to write a brief but you’re scared of missing something important?

If you need to create a website for your small business or charity – whether you intend to build it yourself, or hire a professional – this planner is designed to guide you through the process from the initial concept to the launch of the website, and 6 months beyond.

Developed specifically for freelancers, micro businesses/ solo-preneurs and small charities/ not-for-profit businesses, this is a step-by-step guided workbook on how to plan a website that works for your organisation AND your customers.

Compact in size for portability, it has 120 pages and 14 sections with plenty of spaces to plan out your perfect website.
With best practice help and insight along the way to help you build a great website for your organisation, this planner covers;

  • Website goals & functionality
  • Fixed costs of building a website
  • Funding & budgets
  • Who will use your website?
  • How will they use your website?
  • Planning the customer journey
  • Branding & tone of voice
  • Competitor & keyword research
  • Sitemap, pages & layouts
  • Starting a blog
  • Laws & legislation
  • Finding a developer
  • Starting to build and going LIVE!
  • Before and after launch checks
Photo of bear fur

Courses and Training

We have a range of online courses and training sessions coming soon including;

DIY SEO – step by step help to improve your own SEO

Through a combination of webinars, worksheets and group mentoring, you’ll learn SEO over a series of sessions at the same time as improving your business website ranking

Build your own Website – step by step instruction on building your own business website

Using the combined learning techniques of webinars, practice worksheets, group mentoring and support, you will build your own website over a series of sessions, supported by a professional website designer the whole way.

If any of these courses interest you, sign up to our waiting list below and we’ll let you know as soon as the dates are released!

Pay-by-the-hour Website design

Need some help to build a new website or re-style an existing one? Perhaps you have all the content ready and design mapped out but you don’t have the time or the skills to get the project off the ground – and you’re on a tight budget.

Whatever you need, we are there to support you with PAYGO website design, development and maintenance, doing as little or as much as you want us to for a fixed hourly rate.

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Prepaid Website Support Options

Bought in 30-minute increments, in advance, our Pay-As-You-Go system offers flexibility for professional assistance.

This is option is ideal if you know you’re going to need some help with your website project but you want to keep control of your budget and don’t want to commit to a monthly retainer.

Website planning & building mentoring

We have a Pay as You Go option for those who feel they want to make a website themselves –  you may need motivation to get your website up and running, advice as to which is the best platform option, help planning the sitemap to training for you learn more about SEO.

We are there to help you with training and mentoring – simply pay for as little or as much as you need along the way and why not team it with the Website Planning from Concept to Launch book to make sure your new website has everything you need.

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