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Sustainability and

Environmental Policy

Learn what we’re doing to be more responsible.


We’re on a journey to Net Zero; to be more sustainable and ethical for both our customers, ourselves, our suppliers and the plant.

We’re not there yet but we’re trying! Here are the things we’re doing or looking to implement soon.

Paper free office

We try to minimise the use of paper as much as we can. We use digital notebooks, digital contracts and a range of digital tools making us a lot less reliant on paper.
If we do have to print anything out that isn’t being sent anywhere, we shred it and/or recycle it.
Of course, storing anything digital also consumes power somewhere so we will endeavour to remember to delete anything we no longer need. 


We try to stay local as much as possible and avoid lengthy journeys (to be honest, we’ve never been a fan of sitting in traffic).
We prefer digital meetings unless the attendees are super local as they’re generally more efficient.
If we do have to go on a journey, we’ll try to pick an economical route and transport method.
Our staff and associates can work from anywhere so we don’t need them to come into the office unless they want to or it’s absolutely necessary.

Buying supplies

We’re a big believer in preloved items, and regularly buy second-hand unless it’s a long term investment that we know will stand the test of time. We love recycling, reusing or just reducing the amount of supplies we need. 

Utilities & Suppliers

If we need a new supplier of utilities or such like, we will check their ethos first – wherever possible, we’ll pick one that has an environmental policy and is actively reducing their carbon footprint.
We have done this with our internet and electricity suppliers and we’re currently looking at our banking/finance suppliers. 


We are members of Ecologi and we fund a minimum of 8 trees every month.

Our website

We try to make sure that our website is streamlined (an ongoing job) and it’s hosted on sustainable renewable energy so we’re keeping our digital carbon footprint to a minimal level whilst not impacting our work/business. We are audited yearly to make sure we stay on track and have been awarded ‘Climate positive website’ by the Eco-friendly Web Alliance.

Measuring our impact

We will regularly measure our impact on the environment and if needs be, offset any carbon footprint that we produce. 

If you want to discuss our ethical, sustainability or social policies, feel free to get in touch with us – we’re always happy to have a conversation.

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