WordPress Hints and Tips

We at The Smart Bear really love WordPress and we hope you do, too. We think it’s user friendly and flexible for just about nearly everyone to use.

As we have over 10 years experience with WordPress, and we’re using it daily, we’re in the perfect position to offer help and advice to those new to the platform or just looking to expand/develop their website.

As a content management system, WordPress does allow for self management and we’ve tailored our tutorials around both beginners and more advanced users but if there’s a topic we haven’t covered, please do let us know!

If you have any questions or would like a consultation with us, please do get in touch or if you’re interested in some bespoke WordPress training, take a look at our options for individuals and businesses.

7 Ways to Start Optimising Ecommerce

December 15, 2015
If you’ve not had a good season for sale so far, why not give some of these hints a try to optimise your ecommerce for Google – it’s not a quick fix, especially if you have a lot of products so start with your most popular products – or the ones you’d like to sell more of. 1.

Help! My WordPress website emails aren’t working

November 10, 2015
If you have a WordPress website that has a contact form, booking form or any kind of e-commerce, you may have noticed recently that you haven’t been getting any emails through. My associates and I have all noticed it, but we haven’t been able to attribute it to a single cause i.e. it’s not a
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