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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often thought of as a complex and expensive route to take but here at The Smart Bear, we want to make it easier and budget-friendly.

We don’t believe in talking in technical jargon, we cut the fluff and try to explain everything in plain English. We prefer a more organic SEO technique with just good ole’ honest good content that offers value to your customers…no quick short-cuts here!

And, we also don’t believe B2B SEO should cost the Earth; so, we’ve set up a range of packages specifically designed for micro or small businesses who want to grow their Google visibility.

We can also help you learn along the way -if that’s what you want- in case you want to take more control of it in the future or just be aware of what it all means.

If you’re interested in learning more about SEO for small businesses check out our Beginners Guide to SEO blog.

SEO Power Hour with an expert £100

A chat about what you can do to improve your ranking with a small business SEO expert.

Our SEO Power hour will explain some of the technical jargon as well as give you a bit of direction on how to improve the SEO on your website.

We’ll go through what you’re doing right and where you should focus your efforts, including touching on digital marketing.

Power Hours are available with or without a written report which is an optional extra.

Optional Extra: SEO stand-alone report

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Stand-alone SEO Report £40

Some company try to sell you SEO with a free report, which is usually just an automated print off from a standard tool so if you don’t know the technical terms it can sound quite scary (and of course, mean absolutely nothing)!

We do things differently here – we charge for our reports because we spend time manually looking at your website and digital marketing, using our expert eye, to see what you could do to improve your Search Engine Ranking…..and then, provide an actionable strategy plan with explanations of what each part means.

For a bit extra, we can talk you through the report so you have an even greater understanding – enabling you to do some work yourself if you want to.

So, if you’re not sure what needs doing to your website or you’re keen to have a go at SEO yourself but you don’t know where to start, then our stand-alone report, with or without a power hour, is the one for you.

We’ll give you an overview of what you could do to overhaul your websites’ search engine optimisation and how to start.

If you decide you’d rather we do the work for you, we’ll let you know which option would be best for you going forward and a quote so you can make an informed decision.

Optional Extra: Power Hour to go through the report together

Want to both the Report and the Power Hour?

Save time and save £10 by buying them together for £130.

Monthly SEO Packages

Let us do the hard work for you

PLAN 1. Monthly action plan report with an explainer call with an expert

£130 per month, 3 month minimum.

This plan is for small businesses who want to gain a better understanding of SEO over time with an expert guiding them.

If you’d like to know what your website ranking is doing on a monthly basis, and want a professional, actionable report at the end of the month then this package is for you. We ask you to subscribe for 3 months as a minimum, to get the most value from the information and so you can start to see the value of the work completed.
The monthly action strategy plan would show where you rank on Google compared to your competitors for certain keywords, and where improvements could be made to your strategy so you can go ahead and make the changes in-house. You’ll receive a written report and have a 30 minute call with an SEO mentor to explain anything you don’t understand and to ensure the strategy is the right one for you.

Visibility or ranking for keywords can change week by week, month by month which is why we suggest a 3 month period to get an average rating, although we will monitor your positioning monthly to ensure there are no serious issues and to check if our suggestions are making an impact.

This package includes a monthly report with actions and a quick call to go through the report but doesn’t include any technical edits, provision of content or social media management. For this, you may want to consider Plan 2, below.

PLAN 2. Monthly monitoring, report, and actioning of report

£300 per month, 3 month minimum.

This package, not unlike package 2, would provide an action plan report monthly and a call with an expert to to clarify the finds which are based on monthly monitoring and covers your position for certain keywords, overall site health, and details of where improvements could be made. However, unlike package 2, we would perform the actions from the report, on your behalf for up to 2 hours per month.

A minimum of 3 months subscription is required but we recommend at least a 6 months subscription to this service to see the most benefit.

This package includes a monthly report and up to 2 hours per month where we action the report findings but doesn’t include any provision of fresh content or social media management.

PLAN 3. Monthly monitoring, report, and actioning of report with options of additional Digital Marketing; content creation and/or social media management

from £1000 per month, 3 month minimum.

If you’re serious about improving your SEO, but would prefer to outsource it all and just concentrate on your business then this package is for you.

Depending on your needs we can organise new content for your website, email marketing, social media management or even PPC/ Social Media Ads  – as well as monitoring your search engine ranking, actioning any issues and providing you with a quarterly report of progress/issues.

Prices depend on your requirements so get in touch to discuss what you need so we can build you a completely bespoke quote.

3 months subscription but we recommend at least a 6 months subscription to this service for the best results.

This package is bespoke, tailored to your needs.

OFF PLAN. Intensive SEO Overhaul

from £200, no minimum time frame.

If you’ve never had any search engine optimisation done, especially technical SEO (the behind the scenes stuff), on your website before, or you’re not sure it was done correctly, you might want us to do an overhaul. After a bit of competitor research and keyword research, we’ll go through page by page and make sure all the basics are in place for you.

Prices depend on how big your site is and how much you want us to do, but get in touch if you want a more bespoke quote based on your website and requirements.

This option is a one-off overhaul and doesn’t include any continuous work – why not team it with a training session so you can keep up to your own SEO going forward?

Still not sure which packages is right for you?

We offer free consultation if you’re need a bit of advice about which is the best option for you.

Get in touch to discuss SEO options

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