Google Analytics Beginner’s Guides

Google Analytics is a massively complex subject which is constantly changing and trying to understand the data on the Analytic dashboard can be a time-consuming subject.

There are books available on Google Analytics and Google themselves offer a few guides but often these are aimed at technical people or quickly go out of  date as technology advances.

And so, here at The Smart Bear, we’d like to offer small businesses the chance to learn hints and tips to help them work their way through Google Analytics. Our clients also have access to training videos via our support website so if you’re looking for a new site and you think this might be a valuable service get in touch!

Google Analytics: all about bounce rates

January 20, 2017
All lot of people get hung up about bounce rates but what exactly are they and how can you improve yours?   The way Google Analytics calculates bounce rate, which is a measure of the quality and relevant content of a website is the Total Number of Visits Viewing One Page divided by Total
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