Where is your business website

ranked on Google?

Enhance your Website Traffic with
Search Engine Optimisation and User Experience

How do you make sure your company can be found by potential customers and it is ranking as high as possible?

Many associate Search Engine Optimisation (or ‘Google Ranking’) with the search engine Google, and everyone wants to rank in the first few pages. We have experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and we ensure the basics are in place when we build a website. And, we can  provide the training needed to help you build on your SEO to ensure your website is found on as many search engines as possible.

But, if your site wasn’t built by us, we can also either provide hints and tips on how to improve your SEO over time and how you can publicise your site, in our blog. Or, we can manage that service for you with our one-off services or monthly packages.

Some of the areas of SEO we can help with, either on a pay-as-you-go or retainer basis:

  • Initial Serp Report and Website review
  • SEO Monthly ‘Health’ Report
  • Social Media Overall Performance Report
  • Technical SEO Correction
  • Local SEO Enhancement
  • Schema Markup
  • Speed Performance Management
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Keyword Research and Keyword Tables
  • Social Media Management
  • Usability and Customer Journey Analysis
  • Google Analytics Data Analysis
  • Digital PR
  • Content Optimisation

Would your website benefit from a review?

Find out what improvements can be made to optimise your website

Our comprehensive SERP (Search Engine Results Page) report and website review will show what SEO techniques you already have and how they can be improved to get your website ranking higher.
We will look at where your site is currently ranking on Google (UK) and go through your site to look at where it can be optimised.

We will provide you with a 5-10 point report showing you where and how you can make changes. There’s no obligation to employ us to carry out the work and some, you’ll even be able to do yourself. However, if you do want a quote, we’d be happy to provide one for you.

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