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Website Amends

What is an edit or amend and what is development?

Our Smart Bear Care with edits packages includes WordPress website changes and amends but what is included and what is classed as an edit?

Edits are small changes or additions to your website content, or small fixes to anything that isn’t working. Simply email us your requirements, or use our support ticketing system, and we’ll get to it!
Urgent edits will be turned around within 24-48 hours. Less urgent edits will be done within the week.

Typical website edit requests include:

  • Adding photos to galleries
  • Adding photos to image sliders
  • Adding YouTube videos
  • Adding social media icons or changes in contact information
  • Adding blog posts
  • Adding testimonials
  • Adding company news
  • Adding events or products to an existing system
  • Adding GDPR compliance
  • Adding new offers
  • Updating price changes
  • Updating text and content
  • Adding newsletter opt-in forms
  • Adding or changing contact forms
  • Adding Google maps

What’s not included?

  • Edits do not include any editing of images or creation of new images.
  • Adding pages or plugins that require setting up (we have set fees for this, get in touch for more information).
  • Fixing anything that is really broken (but we can fault find and quote you for the full fix).
  • Edits, or amends, also do not include any development work, for example changing the look and feel or layout of your website – this needs a strategy call.
  • Cleaning hacked websites.
  • SEO strategies – we have lovely SEO packages though if you’re interested.
  • Unused edit time cannot be carried over, but if you need more time don’t worry, we have Pay As You Go options.

Additional development work and edits (PAYG)

If you require additional edits or development work, we charge per hour for however long it takes with a minimum charge of 30 minutes. And we have set fees for adding pages and general plugins.
There’s no admin fee or VAT on top and we’ll always give you an approximate quote in advance.
As an example, small edits usually take between 15-30 minutes where development work can take between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

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