WordPress Users Facebook Group For Beginners

WordPress Users Facebook Group For Beginners[ 2 min read ]

Have you ever wanted to ask a developer a question regarding WordPress but were too scared to ask?

Yes, me too! Even as someone who has worked in IT for over 18 years, it can often be a big step to ask for help. Sometimes Google just doesn’t give you the answer you want, or in a manner you can understand.

How many times have you had to Google the answer you just got?! (can I see some hands at the back there?) Other times it’s just so confusing you give up! (yes, I’ve done that a few times too)

There are a lot of people out there giving out a lot of information about how to do things. We live in a world now where you can apparently get the answer to everything instantly……Or can you?

  • How do you know what you are being told is right for you?
  • Do you know if the advice given will have a negative impact on your site?
  • How do you ask a question in such a way that you get a response back you actually understand?

Posting in forums can help, but they tend to be frequented by developers; and that means things can get very technical very quickly! Of course, some of you may be ok with that level of technical conversation, but how many of you are not?

This is exactly why we decided to set up our Facebook group.

We wanted to make a safe place for people to ask questions and get a sensible and honest reply. We are developers, but we promise that we’ll not blind you with science!

Do you have a tip which you’d like to share? That is great too.

The idea is that this group becomes a resource to make managing your WordPress website that little bit easier.

We’d love you to join us…

Suzi Smart Bear

I'm Suzi - the owner of The Smart Bear.

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