Setting up Google My Business is easier than you think[ 5 min read ]

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We often tell clients that they really need to set up Google My Business, but do you know how to do that? More importantly, why should you do it?

It’s really an important tool in your SEO arsenal, particularly for local SEO. If someone searches in Google for ‘web designers in Urmston’ then you want to come up on that list (or at least we do!)

You can see from the screenshot below, that you get all the local information a client may need to know in the search results. In this case, we are looking in detail at the map, but this also shows on the SERP (search engine results page)

Search results for the smart bear

Of course, there may be other businesses listed at the top of the page. These businesses have paid for Google advertising (these have an AD next to their listing). However, we are looking at how you can help your organic results by using Google My Business. 

Setting up Google My Business

If you don’t already have a Google account, then you need to set one up! They’re pretty quick to set up, and it will make things easier if you’re using other Google products.

Once you have that, then go to

Once you’re signed in you may see a screen like this. Because there is another business at this location. We just want to add another one.

Google my business set up location

You are them prompted for the name of your business.

Do you have an office prompt

Do you have an office? If so, you need to add your address.

add the address prompt

If there is an existing business in your location, then you’ll need to tell Google that isn’t you!

Does this match an existing business prompt

Do you travel? If not, then say no – if you do – then you’ve guessed it – say yes!

Do you travel with your business prompt

Now you need to pick something which is close to what your business does – easier said than done in some cases. I’ve just gone with Internet Marketing Services – sounds grand eh?

What is your business type prompt

The next step is filling some details in – so here I’ve added my mobile and the website. The phone number is used in the next step which is verification.

add your contact details prompt

If you picked a mobile, then you’ll be able to verify via this. You just enter the code you receive in the text, and you should be all done!

verification details prompt

What other benefits are there?

Well, for us, reviews are a must. They let prospective clients know what you’re like to work with. We’ve written about reviews before here It’s definitely something you should consider adding to your site, particularly if you’re selling a service. Having reviews on Google means that your potential clients can see how other people rate your services right there whilst they are searching for a product or service.

Another benefit is that people can see where you are, yes, this sounds obvious, but adding an image of your premises really helps. Particularly if you’re in a location which may be difficult to find! If you find the images which come up by default are not quite right, then be sure to add some that show your business off! You can also show when you’re open. Opening hours are becoming increasingly varied and can depend on your business.

Like any Google product, you can gain valuable insights which you can customise depending on what you want to see.



Yes, we do love a freebie, particularly one which is really helpful to your business. Making sure you have everything set up correctly is a sure fire way to be able to drive traffic to your website and ultimately will help you rank higher and get that all important business in. 

Are you looking for more help with ranking higher in Google? Why not get in touch to see how we can help with our SEO services?

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