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Which CMS…

What is the best content management system?

Most websites are now built with a content management system (CMS)

What is a CMS?

A content management system is a piece of software attached to your website that means that you don’t need to know coding to be able to edit the website and some let you further develop the website without needing a developer, easily adding functionality, pages, images and other important website management functions.

You’ll get your own login to an administrator dashboard, allowing you to edit certain parts of the website. Some content management systems allow you to control everything and anything where some only let you control certain parts like changing text or an image.

But which CMS is best? We think it’s WordPress and we’ll tell you why…

There are a range of content management systems available for websites – some are custom built by companies and developers, some are rented as part of a website builder system and some are open source, available to everyone for free.
WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, used by the likes of Richard Branson in his Virgin Pioneers project. At least one of the websites you visit regularly will be built on this easy-to-use framework as over 62%* of all CMS systems are using WordPress.

WordPress has two versions – wordpress.com and wordpress.org. The former is where you rent space from wordpress.com and pay a fee for this option. They limit control of what you have access to depending on how much you pay whereas wordpress.org is the same software that you host yourself rather than renting. For businesses, wordpress.org is the better option.

*Source: https://www.envisagedigital.co.uk/wordpress-market-share/ (Jan 2022)

Why is WordPress still so popular?

WordPress as a very user-friendly and has a non-technical back-end meaning users don’t need a developer to make simple changes to their website and can easily add content or make changes.

It’s open source, meaning core facilities and a lot of additional features are free, and again are easy for non-techy people to install. It also means that not just one developer or company is developing the software, meaning you aren’t tied to someone who may go out of business at a later date, and the software is constantly being evolved/maintained.

It’s really easy to update and develop as and when your business or charity needs it and can be integrated with a lot of other services like Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Google, Stripe, Facebook and Paypal.

We have years of WordPress experience and, although we have experience in other CMS, prefer to solely work with this popular platform to create beautiful websites, bespoke to your business but which you can easily manage yourself.

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