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Woocommerce Paypal Payments Upgrade[ 5 min read ]

Woocommerce has recently decided to retire (as of September 1, 2021) their Woocommerce Paypal Checkout extension which is widely used on WordPress woocommerce websites but there is a replacement option – hoorah!

The new extension is called Paypal payments and you may be prompted to upgrade on your plugins dashboard. Or if you are setting up paypal for Woocomerce for the first time, here is the download link for the Woocommerce Paypal payments plugin.

The new plugin contains some more features like being able to offer ‘Pay later’ and ‘Pay in instalments’ via PayPal (Paypal Credit), as well as subscription facilities if your Paypal account allows (you’ll also need a subscription plugin for Woocommerce).

How to upgrade to Paypal payments

notice for woocommerce paypal

Once you’ve upgraded, which is as easy as clicking a button like the one showed in the screenshot above, you’ll need to reconnect the woocommerce store to paypal – this step is easier for the Paypal account holder to do rather than a web developer.

Reconnecting your Paypal account after upgrading to Paypal payments

To reconnect your account you’ll need these items;

  1. Your Paypal login information
  2. Access to your secure verification system – this could be a code generator or a phone where you receive a text message with a passcode on. 

Of course, you could pass this information on to your web developer but the connection part is so easy especially with this guide, it’s probably worthwhile (and quicker) attempting it yourself first. 

Step One

Navigate to Woocommerce->Settings->Payments then select to ‘set up’ the Paypal option.

Step Two

Click the Connect to Paypal button

connect to paypal

Step Three

Log in to your Paypal account on the popup screen and follow the wizard. 

log in to paypal account

Step Four

Agree and connect your Paypal account to your Woocommerce by clicking the button. You may at this point have to convert your account to a business one if it’s not already. 

Agree and connect paypal to woocommerce

Step Five

Once it’s all connected correctly, it will auto-close the popup and then take you back to the screen you started on which will now contain more information, about the Paypal connection. For example, there is a place to add in your brand name, options to change what the checkout buttons look like, options to disable funding sources or activate ‘vaulting’ for subscriptions and the like, etc etc.

You may wish to discuss some of the automatically-enabled options with your web developer to see if you need/ want all of them.

Step Six

The last step is to enable the payment option, or test it in sandbox first if you prefer (I like to also run a real test, as well as a sandbox test before letting customers loose on it).

enable payment option for paypal

If you’ve upgraded and tested the new Paypal Payments plugin, don’t forget to remove any other Woocommerce Paypal plugins you may have, as they may conflict and cause problems with the new Woocommerce Paypal Payments plugin meaning payments might not go through properly. Other payment gateway plugins (like Stripe for example) should be fine and work alongside the new plugin.

For troubleshooting, FAQs, and other information, visit the official Woocommerce guide here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-paypal-payments/paypal-payments-upgrade-guide/


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