leavitt walmsley associates

Leavitt Walmsley Associates (LWA Ltd), Warrington and Sale

leavitt walmsley associates

A rebuild of a WordPress website to incorporate new pages and to give it a more modern feel to match the company’s forward thinking brand.
Featuring free business resources, interactive survey results, and a news area to keep the site updated regularly with valuable content for the user.
For this project, we teamed up with Minime Marketing to ensure the style and content met the expectations of the client and with both existing and ongoing search engine optimisation in mind.
For the former, one step we took was to we ensured all links were kept in the same format, and where that wasn’t possible, we set redirections in place.
We also wanted to make a feature of the separate branches so visitors could find out how to contact, and get directions to, the office they needed.
The client was very happy with the outcome and now have a website that better reflects the company in line with their current marketing campaigns.

Suzi Smart Bear

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