YouTube Animated Promo Video

Video Marketing – the new way to promote your small business[ 1 min read ]

After reading about video marketing being 64% better than other forms of marketing, I thought I’d better take a look at it.

I am actually trained in Video, Audio and Animation production but I never got around to making my own promo video….until now.

I decided to invest in some new animation software, and proceeded to have a play with it.

At only a minute long, this video could be a lot more than it is – for example, I could include a voice over or even a backing track but for now. As it was only a test piece, I think it’s fine as it is (see below).

If you fancy a video for your business, get in touch to discuss it with the Smart Bear!

Suzi Smart Bear

I'm Suzi - the owner of The Smart Bear.

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