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Supporting Self Built WordPress Sites[ 1 min read ]

Did you know, The Smart Bear can support your site, even if we didn’t make it?

Some businesses build their own websites that are perfectly suitable for their businesses but along the way, they’ve needed to expand and it was either outside of their skillset or they simple didn’t have the time to do it because their business was so busy.

The Smart Bear is able to fix layout issues, expand the site’s functionality, or just generally give it a tidy up. Or perhaps you need WordPress maintenance – we can update your plugins and make sure your site still functions as it should afterwards.

We work on a pay by the hour basis for this type of work; You give us a ‘budget’ – for example 2 hours and we will work to that. We can get a lot done in an hour! If we feel it’s likely to be more than that, we’ll discuss it with you in advance.

If you fancy building your own site with WordPress, we also offer bespoke WordPress training around your skills.

Suzi Smart Bear

I'm Suzi - the owner of The Smart Bear.

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