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Shopify Package: Ecommerce or Subscriptions Websites

As an alternative to WordPress, Shopify is another popular ecommerce solution which allows vendors to sell products, tickets, services or subscriptions. It’s built with growth in mind and it’s perfect for the types of companies with big inventories of products. 

The benefits of using Shopify are:

  • They deal with all the software maintenance and security – all you have to do is manage the products and pages
  • They offer their own secure payment gateway, or you can use a third party like Stripe, Paypal, Worldpay etc (please note transaction fees apply).
  • It’s totally scalable – perfect for those sites which are going to grow substantially
  • They have loads of apps for different functionality and integrations with other software like eBay and Facebook
  • They offer lots of POS hardware options like chip and pin machines, receipt printers and cashpoint ipad stands

So what are the downsides of using Shopify for your next ecommerce project?

There are only two real issues when using Shopify. Firstly, not all functionality is free, premium add-ons (or apps) are needed for anything but the basic e-commerce features – which can soon add up. And, for some people is that the site has to stay with Shopify so after the first 12 month, you’ll need to continue with the monthly subscription to keep the shop open. However, data can be exported out and often transferred to a different platform if you decide it’s not for you. If you’d prefer to be able to take more control, then consider our WordPress Ecommerce package.

With this package, you’ll get a responsive version of your website to allow it to be easily read and used on mobile devices. We’ll make sure your website has all the functionality you need, and it has the technical Search Engine Optimisation structure built in to make sure you are found on Google and to allow you to build on your SEO over time.

Additional options are slideshows (sliders), videos embeds, newsletter sign-ups, google maps, testimonials/reviews, search facilities, social share and social feeds, stock control, Facebook or/and eBay integration. Other options available, depending on needs (additional fees apply if premium apps required).

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Shopify Package

SHOPIFY Website Package Summary


Website design solutions for ecommerce or subscription facilities on the Shopify platform.

Features include:

  • Content Managed with Shopify
  • Home page and up to 5 designed pages
  • Ability to create your own pages
  • Clean modern and responsive design
  • Technical and local SEO structure included
  • Shopify Basic Package Subscription* included for 12 months
  • Optional features; blog facility, google map facility, slideshow facility, newsletter sign-ups options, social media share facility, Facebook or/and eBay integration
  • Turnaround is usually 6 – 7 weeks
  • Pay for this package with BACS or Credit/debit card

*Fees payable to Shopify after the first year (monthly or yearly options available) and ongoing transaction or license fees not included.

Features included with this package

Your own domain for 1 year

If you don’t already have a domain, we’ll purchase one on your behalf. If you already have one, we'll set it up for you when the website is ready to go live.

Shopify Basic Subscription for 1 year

We will set you up on Shopify's basic package for 12 months.

A Content Management System (CMS)

Shopify is a platform built specifically for ecommerce websites

Exclusive access to our help articles, and special cheat sheets

All our clients gain exclusive and unlimited access to our Support Website.

1 hour of bespoke online training.

We will provide 1 hour of face to face training, or via Skype depending on location and your schedule.

A quality template

We’ll work out the best layout options for your brand, following our design consultation and then, once you've chosen your theme, we will customise the look to include your brand colour scheme, logo and images with 1 round of layout revision.

A homepage with logos and calls-to-action(s) and up to 5 additional pages

Your homepage will include your logo, represent your brand and include appropriate call to actions, and up to 5 additional pages of your choice designed and built for you.

The ability to add your own pages

Alongside the pages we build for you, you'll be able to add your own pages, edit existing ones, or add blog posts easily.

Search facility

If you need one, we’ll add a facility to help your customers find the information they need on your website with a comprehensive search facility.

Submission of your website to Search Engines

To ensure your site is listed, we'll add it to both Google and Bing.

SEO Foundations: On-page and local Search engine optimisation structure built in and the facility for ongoing optimisation

We will build in the structure for optimal results as we create the site and advise how you can improve your own SEO going forward

Learn more about SEO
Social media icon links built in

We will provide icons to your social media accounts - as many as you have!

Security built in with Shopify

Shopify helps prevent against people trying to hack your website by making it as safe as possible from the start.

Responsive Layout

We’ll ensure the site is optimised for viewing on mobiles and tablets.

A Blog facility/ blog page

If you need it, we'll set up a blog page for you, and input up to 3 blogs to get you started.

A Google Map facility, testimonials display, a newsletter sign-up form and a social media share facility

All these options are included if you need them!

SSL encryption/certificate (https)

Shopify supplies SSL encryption to keep your site safe and also to help you rank better with Google.

And, choose one of these options:

Ecommerce solutions
Subscription Services

Please note the package cost does not including any additional app costs, upgrades to subscription, transaction fees, or additional hardware for POS.

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