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Promises Promises: Getting to the Top of Google[ 1 min read ]

If you’re in the process of setting up a business, you might be daunted my SEO – especially when you are bombarded with adverts and sales calls promising to get you to the first page of google for X amount of money.

So what if you did pay X amount, and it got you to the first page…..and then a rival company set up and also paid their X amount……

Recently, I read this interesting post SEO Tips: The Modern Day Snake Oil which includes some down to earth common sense about SEO.

They talk about organic SEO, which is how we like SEO – if it’s natural you’re less likely to be blacklisted by google when they change their algorithm out of the blue.
It might not get you to the top as quickly as you’d like, but when you’re there you’re more likely to stay up there.

Content has always been and will always be the magic key but make sure it’s natural even if it’s using 5 out of your 10 keywords. For example, I’m not going to suddenly write website design manchester, in this post about SEO – it would be unnatural (ignore the fact, I actually did just write it!) and google will pick up on it.

Now of course, you can do things yourself to help your SEO- as is pointed out in the link above. But if you’re really struggling, give us a call for a chat.

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