Avoiding pitfalls when choosing a website designer

Pitfalls of choosing the wrong website designer for you and your business[ 2 min read ]

Back in 2016, we posted a blog about how to choose a website designer (here’s the link). Since then we’ve been hearing more stories from our customers about why they’ve left their original developers and so I thought I’d share some of their lessons.

1. Make sure you like your website design company

In business, as with life, it’s not always possible to like everyones personality but you should at least feel able to talk to them and share similar morals and business ethos.
We try and meet all our clients face to face (or on skype) before we agree to work with them because it’s important to us that we both ‘click’.

2. Make sure you have a contract

We’ve heard stories of there being no contract in place leaving the client unsure as to what was ‘agreed’ for the price. A contract is good way to protect both the designer and the client, and sets out expectations from the beginning.

3. Understand the payment system

Most designers offer a payment system, either 50% at the start/50% at the end or a tiered system. Either is great but make sure the website build is on course before you make the final installment or there is no incentive to make sure you’re happy.

4. GDPR guidelines

Ok, so GDPR is a new thing but it’s important it is in place on a website. Chances are they’re not going to write everything for you (unless you’ve agreed that but remember it’s a legal requirement come May 2018 so double check you’re compliant) but they should at least be telling you that it needs to be on your task list.

5. Customer journeys

Before a build is started, a designer should understand your customers journey and your goals for the website. Have you had that conversation with your designer before the build starts? If the customer journey (or your goals) change before the website is finished – have that conversation with your designer to make sure the website works for you and your business once it’s live.

6. After sales service

Are you likely to require 24 hour support? If you are, does the website design company you’ve chosen offer that service? Most smaller companies don’t offer that, and those that do tend to charge a premium for the service so it’s worth checking with them what happens when you need help further down the line.

We hope you’ll spend some time finding the right website designer or developer for you and your business before commencing work, and if you’d like a quote/discussion/consultation with us, we’d be happy to hear from you!

Suzi Smart Bear

I'm Suzi - the owner of The Smart Bear.

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