How to use our support site

How to use our support site[ 8 min read ]

Have you used our support site at all? If not, this blog is here to help you get used to using it. 

It’s really straightforward to log a ticket and find answers to some common problems; it’s also the easiest way to get in touch with us if you need our help! We get phone notifications when a ticket has been logged, so we’re always aware of what is happening.

Let’s start with how you log in and register for a user

The important thing to know is the URL, which is below. We’d advise that you save this in your bookmarks and also save your user and password in a password vault too! It’s just easier to not have to remember it all!


When you go to the page – you should see the screen below.

image showing the support site

From here you can sign up for a new account using the form, or log in if you’re already registered… We like to give you options!

image of signup panel

Once registered, we need to approve your account, but you can still log a ticket in the interim.

Once you’re approved you should get an email from to say you’ve been approved. 

If you don’t, then get in touch. It may end up in spam – so make sure you have a peek there too!

Oops I forgot my password

We all do it, but sometimes we forget our passwords, particularly if we’re being super secure and have a randomised 16 character one (don’t get us started on passwords!) 

So if you go to the sign-on page, you can do a password reset from there. Once you’ve done that, you should be good to go. 

Remember, it’s worth using a password vault to store all these passwords, like

What do we need to know about when you log a ticket?

THE most important bits of logging a ticket are the template, department, priority and of course what the issue is. So please make sure that these are entered correctly. 

So, for example, say you have an issue with a specific page – adding the link to the page is really helpful. Also information about what device you’re seeing the issue on. Is it a mobile? If so, what is it (iPhone 8 max etc) and what browser are you using? 

Whilst this may sound like overkill, with so many different phones, browsers and tech out there, it all helps. If you want to add screenshots etc – then feel free! Videos also help us pinpoint where the issue might be. is a great tool for recording your screen, and it’s free.

Basically, too much information is just not possible when it comes to a ticket.

image of selecting department

A word on priority

We know this is going to sound harsh, but unless your site is down and actually unusable, or your emails are not working at all – see this blog (here) then that is the only time you should use the URGENT category because we’ll drop everything when we see an URGENT ticket come in.

Also, it’s worth clarifying that sites do sometimes go down. Servers can have problems, so your site may go down, then come straight back. If it’s been down for more than 15 mins, then that is definitely an issue, so feel free to get in touch. We’ll do all we can to help. 

When it comes to other priority issues etc, we always do our best to work on these as soon as we can. However, we will need to fit this in with other work that has been already been scheduled. So if you’re logging a ticket for a site change, please remember that we need to fit this in. 

So for example, you want us to add an event to a page. If that event is less than a week away, we may have to disappoint other people to fit you in. So the longer the lead time the better.

Is your problem a chargeable issue?

As much as we’d love to help everyone, we do need to charge for our work if you’re not already on one of our maintenance plans with inclusive amends. See our Bear Care packages here.

Some general rules when it comes to chargeable work are… 

  1. If your website was built by us, but more than 1 month old 
  2. If your website is not built by The Smart Bear
  3. If you have not subscribed to a monthly Bear Care package
  4. You want a new page adding etc. 

Investigation work is a minimum 15-minute charge, at which point we will advise of any further costs. Of course, we can quote in advance for work too, simply use the quote option on the tickets so that we know that’s what you need.

Where are my tickets?

When you’re logged in, you should get to a page that shows you all your tickets. There is a search facility, so you can always search through to see if you’ve had an issue before, to see if what the solution was then – it might save you raising a new ticket. 

Here you can see closed, open and on-hold tickets. Each ticket will be given a reference number. Once you log a ticket you’ll also get an email too with the details. You’ll also get an email when we reply. 

The great thing about our ticketing system is that you can reply to the email – so you don’t always need to be on the ticketing site! Just hit reply on the email and you can give us an update. This update will automatically be posted to your ticket. 

If you need to close a ticket then you can do this too! But if for some reason the emails get lost in cyberspace, just log in and they’ll all be there waiting for you.

The font of all knowledge

Well, perhaps it’s not quite that, but our knowledge base is growing with lots of useful tips that you may need. 

It’s always worth having a look in here first, to see if we’ve already answered your question. It could save you some time! 

There are articles in there about setting up emails (which links to our cheat sheet) and other common problems like how to clear your browser cache. 

We’re working on adding some marketing tickets too, so as time goes on you should see more and more being added.

We hope that this blog makes you feel better about using our ticketing system. It’s really not that scary, we promise!




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