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How to blog if you hate writing?[ 7 min read ]

We talk a lot about blogging. It’s one of our favourite topics to talk about. Not only is it great for showing off your skills, reaching out to new prospective clients, but it’s also great for SEO and reusable. In some respects, it’s the perfect content! 

But what happens if you read our blog about blog lengths, loved the idea, but think you’re not a natural writer? These days there are other options which will enable you to get the benefit of a blog, without the stress! 

We promise.

Why do you hate writing? 

First of all, ask yourself why you hate writing? 

Is it something that you’re genuinely not good at, or is it something you’ve told yourself you’re not good at? Writing for business is not the same as keeping your English teacher happy! Although if your ideal client is an English teacher… 

Some of the main blocks that people have around blog writing are

  • My grammar is rubbish
  • I don’t have anything to say
  • What if no one reads it? 

All of these are pretty easy to address if you’re willing to do something about it.

My grammar is terrible

These days there are browser plugins that you can add to things like Google Chrome which help with grammar and spelling. We love and recommend Grammarly. It has a free version which is super easy to use – not only does it check documents, it also checks your social posts too! Double win! 

You’re able to add words to the dictionary, so if you’re using regional dialect or have some specific language for your industry, it’s easily added.

I have nothing to say

Lots of business owners think they have nothing to say, but in reality, there is so much that most business owners can talk about. We always suggest you start with frequently asked questions. These are likely to be blog writing gold. 

The chances are if someone is asking these more than once, then other people will be searching for them too. You want to tap into that so that you’re found in the search results.

What if no one reads my blog?

We’re always hearing about people being worried about their blogs not being seen, and in some cases, people are worried about them being seen too much! So what’s the answer here? Well, think about the benefits of blogging. The more blogs you have, the more keyword opportunities you have.  You’re also making sure your site is relevant. This all helps with SEO.

If you’re still adamant that you’re not going to write, then here are some other options you could think about.

How about using dictation software?

Hands up who remembers dictaphones? 

No, we’re not suggesting you run out and get one; but there are more up to date versions of these which you can make use of if you’re not a fan of the process of writing.  

For example, Google Docs has a dictation facility, called voice typing. It’s pretty easy to use, and free. is another dictation software that you can use. There is a free version of this, which allows you to use the basic features of the software. You get up to 600 minutes per month, in a max of 40 min blocks, which should be more than enough for one blog a month. 

You may need to do some minor edits to your blog, but this is much easier than having to start from scratch with a blank page. 

There are tonnes of other examples out there, so like with most things, it’s about finding which one works for you!

If you’re a talker, what about podcasting?

There is no hiding the fact that podcasts have been massive, especially since lockdown. More and more people are spending time listening to media, rather than reading it. If you’re a natural talker, then podcasting may be an option. 

Yes, there are costs associated with this. You’ll need dedicated podcasting hosting, a microphone and some other bits and bobs; but you’ll be part of a growing number of businesses that are exploiting this media. 

You may be wondering how this translates to a blog? 

The simplest way is to get it transcribed, this content then becomes your blog. Again, this may come at a cost, but the benefits can be worth it. You’re opening up your content to two different audiences, both with their own reach. You’re essentially getting double the content for less effort. 

Plus, if you’re really cute, you can use some excerpts as social media content – all without too much effort.

Why not work with a copywriter? 

So you’ve read through all the other options and you’re still not convinced?

We have one option left, which is to totally outsource the whole blog writing process. If you’re not someone who wants to spend any time on blogging, dictating or podcasting at all, then why not get someone to write your blogs for you? These days there are a fair few people who pay others to write for them. 

A lot of businesses begrudgingly write blogs, and to be honest, you can tell they’re not enjoying it. Whilst we can totally understand why they’re doing that, it’s not going to work in the long run. The whole point of blogs is to engage the visitor and if you’re not enjoying the process, it does show. 

There are different ways that you can work with a copywriter. You can give them a list of topics and let them fly, or you can share some of the work. Yes, it will cost you money, but it could actually save your sanity. Also remember, that you can also reuse that content for some of your social media posts.

We hope this helps make you feel a bit more comfortable about blogging. There are always different options available to you, so all is not lost if you’re not a natural writer.

If you need more help or have questions, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! 




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