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Fixing Your WordPress Website Cheaply and Quickly

A fiver for us to fix that problem you’ve been battling with for hours!

Do you have a niggly problem with your website that you’ve just been living with?

When you have a moment, you look to try to fix it. In fact, you spend hours searching Google for the solution. You’re sure it’s something easy but after hours of looking, you’re just no closer to getting it sorted out.
You don’t want to go to a web developer because you think they’ll probably charge you a fortune which is money you’d rather spend elsewhere – I mean, it’s not that bad a problem!

Perhaps, you do find a solution – the internet tells you it’s dead easy to fix, just do a b and c but your technical knowledge lets you down and you don’t want to go to a web developer in case they laugh at you (and then charge you a fortune).

Well, guess what, your worries are over – just ask The Smart Bear!

We won’t laugh at you – lots of people aren’t tech-wizards and not because they’re ‘stupid’ but because their talents lie in other places or because they simply haven’t the time to learn another skill.
So why not let The Smart Bear fix that website problem for you and try out our Five Minute Fix for just £5.

Yes! Just £5

If your problem takes less than 15 minutes to fix, we’ll charge you just £5 to fix it for you –saving your budget, freeing up your time AND getting your website working again.

Step 1: What is the problem?

Step 1: What is the problem?

Get in touch

Tell us what the problem is using the handy form below.

Step 2: Get a website expert to take a look

Step 2: Get a website expert to take a look

We’ll cast our expert eye over the issue

We’ll take a look to see what the problem is and let you know if it is a niggle, or something that’s going to take a little longer.

Step 3: No more website problem!

Step 3: No more website problem!

We’ll let you know what can be done

If it is a 5 Minute Fix, you send us your login details and we fix it!

Or, if you prefer, for an extra £5 we can send instructions to you and you can have a go yourself.

We’ll simply invoice you once the job is complete

Please note our opening times are Monday to Thursday, 9.30am until 4.30pm. Special opening times and holidays can be found on our Google My Business page.

Read our client testimonials

Lynne Barker
Lynne B.
15:10 08 Jul 19
I am secretary of a charity, The Toy House, and we turned to Suzi and Sarah for help with our website. They are unfailingly professional and helpful plus they saved us money!Sarah also did some Microsoft training for us which was very helpful. She makes you feel relaxed and confident about solving issues.Highly recommend their service.
Caroline Boardman
Caroline B.
21:09 31 May 20
I signed up for a power hour with Sarah last month and I cannot shout about it enough! I highly recommend it to anyone who already uses (or wants to use) social media for their business.I love Facebook for my business, I am in a few really great groups and communities of local and UK wide small business owners and I have a page where I share useful hints and tips with my audience. Sarah advised me to continuing doing exactly what I am doing on Facebook, said she loved it and it was great. What a confidence boost!I am on all other platforms too but didn't post as much on any of them.Sarah listened to me and quickly advised me to concentrate on LinkedIn next and forget about the others while I had limited time to work (with 2 young kids at home). It was great advice! And thanks to Sarah, I've now got the confidence to write articles and engage more regualrly on LinkedIn. And I love it.Sarah really knows her stuff. She is so easy to get along with and she explains things really well. She is also empathetic and has the unique skill of understanding your vision and your business in a small space of time. These skills coupled with her extensive knowledge of digital marketing mean she is very well placed to help with all your LinkedIn, Facebook, Insta and Twitter questions and can help and guide you with decisions on how you use them for your business.
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