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Website graphics,
photos, video or animation

Adding zjush to your brand with
a range of media products and services.

Here at The Smart Bear Content, we understand how important media can be to your business

Branding, graphics, logos, images, photos, videos, animations, gifs and infographics all have the ability to make you stand out from the crowd!

How we can help with creative content and branding

Your branding has the power to sell your business before a single word has been read by your client. Media including logos, powerful photography and great video content are all a must have in this digital age. But not everyone is comfortable with creating them.

We work with a team of creative brand strategists, illustrators, logo designers, videographers and photographers to get your media and brand images on point.

For example, if you’re in the service industry then great headshots of your key staff members can make a massive difference in how clients perceive your business. Or perhaps you want an infographic to explain a topic for social media.

  • Logo Design/ Rebranding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Custom Icons, Illustrations or infographics
  • Social Media or Newsletter Templates
  • Branding Guidelines and Brand Voice Definition
  • Personal Branding Photography or Stock Photography
  • Videos, Animations and 360 Videos
  • Signage or Advertising Stock
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