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Skills for Women in Business

(designed for women, by women)

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When I say “SEO” do you think it’s just all about “Keywords”?………

Do you want to know what SEO is really about?


This bootcamp will start on Friday June 4th 2021 and runs each Friday, from 2 until 3.30pm, for 6 weeks in total.

What’s included?

  • Weekly 60 minute training session + 30 min Q & A session with an expert
  • Small group environment (10 max)
  • A community in the form of a Facebook group for the duration of the programme, and then access to our SEO group for graduates.
  • Worksheets and resources
  • Support and accountability
  • Time and help to implement each section

Week 1 – Let’s get started
(4th June 2021)

Get to know your fellow students and your tutor with a brief introduction.

Your tutor will give a brief overview of how Search Engines work because when you understand the game, you can learn how to play it!
(we’ll focus primarily on Google for this bootcamp)

Then we’ll set up monitoring tools so we can measure performance of your website throughout the weeks.

Week 2 Technical SEO 
(11th June 2021)

This is the behind the scenes stuff. Your tutor will be trying to make this dry subject as interesting as possible,….. and start to make it less scary by breaking it down into smaller chunks.

You’ll be more confident about the technical terms and we’ll be checking your own website to see what needs doing…before we start implementing it.

Week 3 On-page SEO
(18th June 2021)

The fun part, everyone loves this section as it’s easier to understand with less technical jargon!

We’ll be looking at how to carry out keyword research, how to use keywords effectively in your content, going through your customer journey, and exploring the best ways to increase the content on your website.

Week 4 Local SEO
(25th June 2021)

Not just important for people with a shop front, a local SEO strategy is important even if you’re a national company – it can be implemented on a grander scale for regional or national businesses.

We’ll learn how to gain the signals Google loves to see and you’ll gain traction in your local community.

Week 5 – Off-page SEO
(2nd July 2021)

We’ll answer questions like;

What is off-page SEO?
Does Social Media help you with ranking?
Is your Social Media optimised for your business?
How can Social Media be used to drive traffic to your website?
What types of PR should you spend your budget on?
What are back-links?

And, we’ll explore which is the best strategy for your business.

Week 6 – Review week
(9th July 2021)

In the last session we’ll look at how far you’ve come, check your monitoring results and plan a strategy for the next 6 weeks so you have something to continue to work on.

You’ll be more confident in implementing your own SEO, you’ll understand the technical jargon better and you’ll have the tools to be able to monitor your business websites yourself. 

We’ll also go through any other tools that are available to help you on your journey, and further training opportunities. And then, you’ll graduate into our SEO community Facebook group where you can continue learning from each other and where your tutor will be available to answer any on-going questions you might have.

Amazing! How much is this wonderful SEO Bootcamp?

Would you believe you get ALL this for less than £50 per week!

Most SEO agencies charge thousands of pounds per month to monitor and optimise the SEO on your website……. But with our bootcamp you’ll get the knowledge – and confidence –  to be able to Boost your own SEO for only £249 per person!
(introductory offer, normally priced £295)

Apply below to secure your place or read our FAQs if you have questions…

Frequently asked Questions

What happens if I can't attend every date

We hope you can make the time to attend all the sessions but obviously sometimes life gets in the way. So each session will be recorded and available to you to watch at anytime.
But please try to commit to every date as you won’t get the most from the Bootcamp if you’re not there to participate in it.
If these dates don’t work for you, perhaps the next Bootcamp dates will?

Is this an in-person course or online?

This one is only online but we’re hoping to do some face-to-face sessions at some point in the future so if you learn better off-line then it might be better to wait until we’re allowed to be in the same room again.

Why is it only for women?

It isn’t!
In light of recent events, it’s clear that women still don’t get a fair deal so we’re helping to balance that out in our own small way by aiming it at women but it’s open to everyone.

Why do I need to complete extra questions when booking?

We’ve chosen to ask a few extra questions when you book – and there’s a reason for it, we promise!
Firstly, we want each type of business to be different, but possibly complimentary to each other …. we may suggest a different group for you if we feel you’d fit better.
We want everyone to be completely committed to attending and joining in.
We want to everyone on the course to be able to get the most out of it, have the same opportunities to learn, and really run with it – so we try to make sure they’re all at a similar place in their business or have similar goals.

What's the format of each session?

Each session will be an hour of learning, a homework setting task (sorry!) and a 30 minute questions and answers session. The group will decide in which order these go for each session to make sure the students are getting the most from the time available.

When will we start to see results of the work?

This varies per website as it’s up to Google how they rank people and we can only try to ‘influence’ their decision. We only use organic techniques and we don’t support trying to ‘cheat the system’ so you may not see results straight away. But, we know from all our experience that the techniques we will be teaching do work so try to be patient and keep going with it!
If you’re looking for quick results, this course isn’t for you – you’d be better investing in Pay Per Click advertising.

What happens if I need support outside of the scheduled sessions?

You will be part of a Facebook community where we encourage you and the other students to talk to each other and learn from each other – your tutor will be in there too and and will try to answer any questions you may have, unless they feel it would be better to cover it during a Questions and Answer session with the group.
Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be added to our main SEO Facebook group so you can continue to talk to people who have been on the course.

Is there a minimum number of students needed before the course will run?

Yes, there is a minimum of 3 people needed before the course can run so if there isn’t enough applicants, we reserve the right to reschedule the sessions. If you can’t attend the new dates, we will happily refund the course cost (see the refund policy below).

What's the refund policy?

If we cancel the course before the start date, you will be given a full refund. If it’s after the start date, you will be refunded pro-rata for the dates that won’t be going ahead.
If you cancel your place up to one week before the start date then you will get a full refund, if you cancel less than one week before the start date then you will receive 50% of the course fee, unless we are able to fill your space before the start date.

However, if you still want to attend, we may be able to swap you to a different group so get in touch if you want to discuss options.

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