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Writing web copy

Help with what to write on your website’s homepage when you’re not a copywriter

When customers visit your website it’s your job (aka your website’s job) to sell your product/service to them.
But unless you’re trained in marketing or you’re a copywriter, you might find this difficult.
This simple 3 step process will help you not only clarify what it is you are selling but will also make writing your website’s blurb a lot easier!

Step one

Draw out 3 boxes with 3 lines underneath each one.

Step two

Sketch out a simple illustration and/or write three words/phrases (one on each line), for each of the following:

What – What does your product do or what is the service you are offering?

Why – Why should they buy it? ie. what is the benefit for them buying it

How – How is it different? Either the product, service or how is buying it from you is different.

what to write on your website's homepage

Step three

Find images that compliment or match your little illustration – these can then be used to visualise your website blurb (and add a bit of imagery of course)

Step four

Expand on your words, try writing it in sentences or a paragraph that flows naturally.


And here is an example, using Smart Bear’s main product to complete the exercise. This helped demonstrate that although Smart Bear has a service many others offer, we look to differentiate on the quality service we provide.

The difference in web designers

And for more handy hints for when writing out your ‘blurb’, in full, check out this great article by Entreprenuer.com titled ’10 Easy Solutions to Business Writing Problems’.

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