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If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that we have started something called Tooting Tuesday.

No, we’ve not relocated to London, we’ve decided that it’s about time that we shouted about both our and our client’s achievements a bit more. 

So with the start of a new year, we decided to write a blog about it. Here are some of our favourite achievements from the last year.

Janine – Promoting Trafford – Sale

What can we say about Janine? When Janine came to us with her idea for Promoting Trafford we knew she was onto a winner. Her idea was to promote all the good news in Trafford and to give small businesses a space to grow. Out of the back of this came another group for Trafford business women. This too has a great following and hosts regular networking events. 

Just by being involved in this project, we’ve become much more involved with local businesses in Trafford. There is a great connection between us all. So it was no surprise to us when Janine was nominated for an award! 

Janine was a finalist in the Startup of the Year in the Altrincham and Sale Chamber of Commerce awards. We were so pleased when we found out that Janine was the runner up. 

2020 looks to be an amazing year for Janine, we think there will be more awards to come for sure!

Promoting Trafford

Deborah – Deborah Bulcock – Coaching & Consulting – Pendle

Deborah has been a client of ours for some time. Earlier this year we were delighted to be asked to create a new website for her, as she was changing the direction of her business. Little did we know what this would mean! 

Deborah has a great idea of what she wants when it comes to her site. So the build was a breeze. No sooner had the dust settled on the site, she told us about her book! So, of course, the site needed to have some tweaks ready for the book launch. 

On the 14th of November, ‘Have It All Without Burning out’ was released, and just a few days later it was a number one bestseller across several categories. Proud is an understatement.

Not only did the book do exceptionally well, but she’s also been amazing at promoting herself and her work. She was in a couple of local papers at the end of November, and at the start of December, she appeared on Janet Murray’s Online Christmas Market! Oh, and did we mention BBC Radio Leeds? 

The book is amazing, we’re so proud to have been a tiny part of it. If you want to get your own copy, then you can order it here.

Deborah Bulcock Coaching and Consulting

Emma – Showcase Company – Urmston

Not only is Emma our neighbour, but she’s also a source of endless inspiration to us. 

When she took over the building which is now home to Showcase, she certainly took on some challenges. The building was pretty much a shell and needed so much work to make it the homely and inspirational space it is today. 

The last 12 months have seen rapid growth for the Showcase brand, which Showcase Elite Management and Showcase Education becoming part of the Showcase family. 

Showcase Elite Management is something which Emma always wanted to do. As the name suggests, the boutique agency manages talent across musical theatre, singing and dancing. 

Showcase Education is another part of the business which Emma has started to help parents who are home educators, not only this, they offer sessions for pre-school kids and all manner of other training courses. 

We have no idea where Emma gets all her energy from!

Showcase Company

Grace – Solemother – Urmston

We’re a bit like proud parents when it comes to Solemother. A bit like Promoting Trafford, Solemother was born out of an idea to get people together. Specifically women, but not only getting them together, getting them running together in a safe and friendly way. 

Solemother started small, just a handful of women, but over time it grew and it grew. There are branches all around the Greater Manchester area, but it’s still very much in the heart of the Urmston community. There is such a camaraderie it’s highly infectious! 

In 2019 Grace and the Solemothers have been on TV and radio, but perhaps the crowning glory for any proud parent was the fact that she won two community awards. 

Proud? Of course we are!


What about us?

Finally a little shout out to us. We’ve worked hard this last year supporting all our of clients, who of course we love working with. For 2020 we’re looking at changing up what we do a little.

We’re adding courses to our list of offerings for small businesses. Both of us are passionate about delivering great service and giving our clients great value, but we felt we needed to do something more to engage the small business community locally. Hence courses. They’re run in small groups, which gives business owners a chance to connect and share experiences. It also means they’re affordable too. Of course, they’ll all follow our no jargon, no nonsense approach to technology. Oh and we’re still doing WordPress websites, just in case you were worried! 

If you’re interested in what we’re doing in terms of training, then take a look here




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