Quick content ideas at an unbeatable price

A fiver for us to generate some content ideas that you’ve been thinking about for hours!

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for blogs or social media?

Do you sit down and think “I’m going to create some cracking content” then your mind goes blank? The more you sit there, the fewer ideas you come up with. So then you go to Google to get some inspiration and that just makes it worse! 

You don’t really want to ask for help, because that would just be embarrassing, wouldn’t it? 

Well, guess what, blank pages can be a thing of the past – just ask The Smart Bear!

We won’t judge you – lots of business owners struggle to come up with content ideas for social posts or blogs. It’s actually more common than you think! 

Part of the reason is that you’re too close to your business. So you really need to work with someone who doesn’t have preconceived ideas about what you should be talking about! 

So why not let The Smart Bear come up with some ideas for you. Five ideas for just £5

Yes! Just £5


There are some T&Cs to this – we don’t really like these but here they are. 

£5 payable in advance and is non-refundable once we commence work.

Offer limited to two per customer, per year.

We will endeavour to complete the work in 2 working days, once all the details have been supplied to us. If the issue is more urgent, please let us know.

If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason is unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

We do not take any responsibility for the services of third parties and we also do not guarantee listings on Search Engines. The client accepts that it is Search Engines and not us who determine whom they list and whom they will not. The Client further understands there is no guaranteed placement or rank on the Search Engines. We do not control Search Engines’ algorithms and huge shifts can appear daily, weekly and even hourly.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse or break a contract without prior notice if it is believed that the Client, their Website, or any material is illegal, immoral or otherwise unacceptable.

Step 1: What is your business?

Step 1: What is your business?

Get in touch

Tell us a little about your business using the handy form below.

Step 2: Get us to come up with 5 ideas

Step 2: Get us to come up with 5 ideas

We’ll come up with some content ideas for you

We’ll take a look at what you’ve been writing about before, then come up with some ideas of what else you could post.

Step 3: No more blank page!

Step 3: No more blank page!

We’ll let you know what ideas we have for your digital marketing content!

We’ll come up with 5 content ideas that you can use in your business for either blogs or social media posts! Simple as that!

Read our client testimonials

Jason Elliott
Jason E.
17:29 25 Nov 20
We have been working with The Smart Bear for four years, hiring them to develop and maintain websites for British Recycled Plastic, and now Low Impact Shop, our e-commerce site.Their subject knowledge is vast, their attention to detail is faultless and the speed of work is without equal. They also represent incredible value for money too.If you are look for someone to develop and manage a single WordPress site or twenty, congratulations, you've found them.
Mike Roddis
Mike R.
12:22 08 Jul 19
Suzi and Sarah offer a very professional and friendly service with great prices.
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